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CoCo La Rue created her identity in hair styling and beauty hair treatment by scientific research and fashion trends, now CoCo La Rue hair extensions known as one of the best Hair Extensions and hair styling salon in USA. CoCo La Rue has been providing natural high quality hair extensions services with phenomenal customer service. Hair Extensions and Hair Treatment Specialist CoCo La Rue can help you achieve beautiful hair extensions without any hair loss and providing Booking Appointment facility.

About Hair Extensions Bethesda

Hair Extensions Bethesda Hair extensions salon by CoCo La Rue is one of the earliest and the finest hair extension salons in USA. Our most important achievements we have gained the trust of several celebrities and millions of commoners who are our loyal patrons today. Besides this, we also help aspiring stylists achieve their dreams, with Hair Extensions Bethesda, our chain of hair extensions spread across in USA. Through our professional services, we relentlessly strive to give our customers an experience that they would love to revisit.

Hair Extensions Bethesda is one of the most powerful brands in the hair & beauty care sector in USA that has given hairstyling a new horizon. Developing as the major single salon chain in the country. With over 100+ employees the company ensures that each one’s skills are sharpened at least once a year. Hair Extensions Bethesda has evolved over the years; new techniques and styles while constantly updating its stylists with the ever growing trends in the national and international market. Hair Extensions Bethesda Hair Extensions salon constantly strives to educate and train their stylists about the latest techniques & styles with the state of the art technology, by sending the stylists to several classes and by contributing in various events across all genres.

History of the Hair Extensions Bethesda

Hair Extensions Bethesda Hair extensions salon by CoCo La Rue was established in 05/22/2012 and has consistently shown year on year growth and is now a chain of 3 branches in USA and other location. Hair Extensions Bethesda Hair extensions salon by CoCo La Rue is on a growth path of salons adding San Francisco & Washington DC by 2021 ; currently employing over 100+ employees across USA. Hair Extensions Bethesda Hair extensions salon has remained a pioneer in hair services and is now setting new bench marks in makeup exceeding all industry standards to give professionalism a new art form.

Mr. Lashal, Owner of the Hair Extensions Bethesda Salon chain is also the visionary behind the inception of the company 12 years ago. He is the man behind growth and extension of the company. Mr. Lashal while working on the design and interiors for the salon keeps in mind “Utmost Luxury at Affordable Prices” to ensure the customers get the maximum and beyond expectations. The Hair Extensions Bethesda Hair extensions salon interiors are inspired from abstract and defined lines; giving the salon a very modern, plush and stylish look. The inspiration for the salon centres comes mostly from the needs expressed by the growing awareness and more informed consumers.